About Us


McShane Welding was founded and incorporated in December of 1973 by William McShane; business began operations in February of 1974. William, age 53, had worked in fabrication all his life and was previously employed at Erie Steel Products before striking out on his own. William’s business philosophy was to provide a quality product and the best service possible for his customers. Today, Jim McShane, William’s son carries on that same belief in customer service.

The McShane Metal Products division helped the company focus on business opportunities while building solid, long lasting customer relationships. In 1980, McShane bought out Kartel Industries, a company that was known for milk box manufacturing in the dairy industry. McShane is one of the few producers of classic Milk Boxes today, offering powder coat and galvanized finishes as well as custom logo silk-screening. Along with acquiring Kartel Industries, McShane began to manufacture products used by medical diagnostic labs. This led to the development of the ESC-10 product line used for temporary storage of previously collected blood and urine samples, adding flexibility to diagnostic courier services. Lab Lockers were created to compliment the ESC-10 product by providing a means for medical samples awaiting pick-up to be secure and efficient. The newest addition to the Metal Products line is MedLockers, offering individuals and businesses a safe and secure way to lock up their medications while keeping them accessible enough for self-administration. If you do not see the right product to fit your needs we can custom make a product to your specifications. The creation and modifications of these core products makes up the Metal Products division.

All of McShane Metal Products are manufactured in house and sold directly to customers at a fraction of the price our competitors charge. We provide customer service from order placement to delivery and every step along the way. McShane Metal Products prides itself on being large enough to meet the needs of our customers yet small enough to give personal service and support necessary to provide a pleasant buying experience. Whether the customer buys one or one hundred, McShane values their business.