Do 12-Step Programs Really Work?

"I believe in Narcotics Anonymous so much…It’s the only way for me. I’m not saying for you…but it’s the only way for me. ...My NA sponsor was 13 years clean and relapsed. It took him six years to get back to NA. Now he’s three years clean." - Jose P. Almost all...

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Four Repercussions of Confronting the Opioid Crisis

In 1998 computer technician Doug Hale had surgery to repair a damaged urinary tract. Six months later, he experienced excruciating, burning pain. Despite years of treatments, he continued to suffer. Then in 2006, his doctor prescribed strong doses of opioids. Ten...

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How Effective Is Methadone Treatment?

The painfully thin young man with visible sores over much of his skin looked much older than his 24 years. His body was wracked with pain and infection. He had trouble walking. Two years of daily heroin injections had taken their toll on his emaciated frame. Knowing...

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